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The global leader of OMR software technology, OMRSCANNER!
OMRSCANNER aims to provide the industry’s best services based upon a differentiated reading technology.

A Non-Replicable Precision Reading Program
Not all scanning methods are alike.
Accurate results can be conveniently obtained only through the best technology.

Existing OMR methods use OMR paper, felt-tipped pen for computers, OMR Reading Devices.
The OMR scanning methoddoes not use paper, pens, and OMR devices but uses conventional paper, pens, and scanners. Therefore, it is even more vital to carefully select a certified program which can accurately read the data when selecting the OMR scanning method versus the existing OMR device method.

which recognizes blanks, ink smudges, and duplicate markings.
Accurately reads OMR paper with smudging, marks outside the lines, small marks, or correction tape.

  • 1) Recognizes as ② regardless of size.
  • 2) Automatic recognition setting can be set to selectively recognize relatively large marks
    ③ or ①, ③, ④.
  • 3) Recognizes as ② even when the ink has been smudged.
  • 4) Recognizes marks that spill over the lines ④ or can be set to automatically recognize
    pre-markings as ②, ④.
  • 5) Recognizes as ⑤ if correction tape has been used.

Computer sign pens are need to mark on OMR paper; therefore, the ink is easily smudged when it comes into contact with clothing, other answer sheets, or sweat. The smudges often spread to other parts of the paper causing correct answers to be processed as being incorrect or causes errors when it gets on other OMR papers.
However, using our patented precision reading technology allows users to selectively set the size and clarity to process smudges or small marks as correct, incorrect, or duplicate answers.

Various types of format design is possible.
It solves the problem of reading paper which has not been configured into the OMR scanner such as the color of the paper or degree of print. Although it uses a timing mark method just like the OMR method, users are able to freely set the range of the timing mark without limitations on the upper/lower/left/right spaces.

Solves the problems of timing marks.

When the timing mark is pushed out

When the timing mark is stretched

When the timing mark is narrowed

Errors occur during the reading process when paper is jammed or skipped causing the marking/timing mark to be recognized in a size that is lengthened or shortened. However, the patented technology of the OMR scanner designates a timing mark before scanning to serve as a basis. In the case a problem occurs, it compares the scanned image with the base timing mark and automatically zooms the image in and out completely solving the problem.

Patented technology for reading error prevention on paper contaminated by written answers
By applying independent patented technology to detect contamination of written answers during scanning, scoring errors and large scale re-scanning situations are prevented since the system immediately recognizes OMR images which have been contaminated compared to scanning devices that use sensors.

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