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OMRSCANNER provides the most suitable reading system for processing massive volume of data with perfect accuracy and speed.

OMR Outsourcing Service

Apply for OMR Outsourcing(call / online request) > Design OMR sheets > Take exams, surveys and votings > Send OMR papers to OMRSCANNER company > Proceed with OMR Outsourcing > Confirm the original OMR sheets and reading results.

β—Ž Process

  • 1. Apply for OMR Outsourcing by phone or online.
  • 2. Design and make OMR sheets.
  • 3. After test, survey and voting, send OMR sheets to OMRSCANNER.
  • 4. After finishing OMR reading outsourcing, confirm the original OMR sheets, reading results and analytic data.

β—Ž Uses for this service

  • - If you need one-time data processing.
  • - If you need to proceed with a massive volume of data.
  • - If you need to process data in the shortest time.

Features of OMR Outsourcing

  • Low price

    You can get data with the lowest price without purchasing any special software and technicians.
  • Professionalism

    Process data accurately and quickly with technical know-how, technology and proficient personnels.
  • Flexibility

    Provides customization for answer sheets, survey forms, ballots and analysis data.
  • Accuracy

    Provides accurate reading results with our patented technology.

β—Ž Price

If you want to apply for OMR Outsourcing and know price information, please call us or request us at our website.

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