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OMRSCANNER provides the most suitable reading system for processing massive volume of data with perfect accuracy and speed.

What is OMRSCANNER's Survey OMR outsourcing?

OMR outsourcing service processes small or large amount of surveys with perfect accuracy and highest speed by the best scanning and reading solution.
OMRSCANNER's reading technology processes data without errors and wasting time, cost and human resources.

Advantages of OMRSCANNER's OMR outsourcing

  • 1. Experienced for various kinds of test, survey and voting outsourcings for schools all over the country.
  • 2. With a differntiated reading technology, it processes data efficiently and saves working time.
  • 3. Convenient to read and process data with scanning method.

◎ Service options

Service options
Survey result (basic) We provide Excel files for survey result.
OMR sheet scanning service (basic) We provide scanned OMR sheet image files, so no need to store original OMR sheets in a large space. You can improve work effieciency by checking and searching image quickly with registration number, name and ID.
Reading and revising marking errors (Optional) Read the marking errors then revising it.
Checking and reading database (Optional) Read after compare data in database with OMR sheets.
OMR answer sheet (Optional) Provide printed OMR sheets after designing.
Checking the original copy of answer sheet through online (Optional) Users can check image files of OMR sheets through online.

If you become a member, 1 cash will be offered. (For reading about 20 sheets)
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