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Case study

The global leader of OMR software technology, OMRSCANNER!
OMRSCANNER aims to provide the industry's best services based upon a differentiated reading technology.

S group, global IT company, which has more than 200 subsidiaries all over the world has chosen OMRSANNER.

In case of the global IT company, S group, which has over 200 subsidiaries all over the world, has been using an OMR machine manufactured by an American company called N-company for decades to get results for their promotion test.
S group were always making every efforts to get 100% accurate data and invest huge amount of money in this field. But they realized that there were another way to get result, so they started to searching for the OMR software companies. During the investigation, S group found that OMRSCANNER company has no error in reading even a single one.
They have been using OMRSCANNER's software for 3 years because of its technology which helps company to deduct expenses of labor costs, placement & equipment rental fees. And of course it solved the problem which takes a long time process with tens of employees.

G group, large-scale survey analysis company, which for national elementary, middle, high school has chosen OMRSCANNER.

G-company is handling massive volume of psychological tests from national elementary to high schools (3~5 million per year),
At first, G group heard that OMR software is better than OMR machine and then decided to purchase N-company's software. However, There were so many errors caused by various marking types like smudges, overfilled, small markings and etc. So they couldn't believe the OMR software anymore.
But fortunately OMRSCANNER changed their mind because of the accurate and speedy process of OMRSCANNER's program which can read various kinds of markings like before. So even for now, G group is continuing a contract with OMRSCANNER for better data processing.

Thousands of schools throughout the nation has chosen OMRSCANNER.

In the middle of adopting a new system for a teacher's evalution survey, the Department of Education and schools were looking for a OMR company which can satify parents who were not familiar with marking OMR. After deeply considering and comparing with other companies, they signed a contract with 'OMRSCANNER company' patented in 10 countries for precise reading technology.
At first, there were lots of problems like small markings overfilled markings, and even the papers were wrinkled when the paper were on move. But still OMRSCANNER company attained a good reputation for getting speedy and accurate survey results of massisve volume of papers and many kinds of errors.

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