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The global leader of OMR software technology, OMRSCANNER!
OMRSCANNER aims to provide the industry’s best services based upon a differentiated reading technology.

OMRSCANNER Others' scanning method Traditional OMR machine
Reading method Program recognizes data. Program recognizes data. Machine recognizes data.
Working efficiency When error occurs, program processes errors automatically and quickly. When error occurs, user has to correct errors manually using the program. When error occurs, user has to correct each error manually.
Accuracy With a precise reading technology patented in 10 countries, various marking errors can be precisely read. It cannot recognize marking errors occasionally. It requires specail answer sheets and pens for accurate result.
Price Introduction and maintenance costs are not expensive. Introduction cost is expensive. Machines are so expensive and it requires high maintenance costs due to special answer sheets and pens.
Convenience When error occurs, program corrects and proceeds marking errors automatically. When error occurs, user should correct errors by comparing errors with images. To correct errors, user should check original answer sheets.
Answer sheet storage Save image files on PC Save image files on PC Need storage space due to keeping original sheet
Answer sheet Any kinds of answer sheets can be used.
(special OMR sheets, normal sheets)
Usually use normal sheets. It can only recognize special OMR sheets.
Answer sheet design Provide variuos design(word, PDF) and modify by yourself Require design services special OMR sheets design only.
Free to design answer sheet NO gap limitation Gap limitation(Bubble, Position method) Gap limitation(special sheets)
Online reading service It can be used without purchasing the software. None or purchasing the software NONE
OMR reading outsourcing service It's reasonable prices due to automatic proccessing It's expensive due to lots of handwork It's quite expensive.
Customizing service Quick response by R&D Team No expert or reseller
(not provide)
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