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The global leader of OMR software technology, OMRSCANNER!
OMRSCANNER aims to provide the industry’s best services based upon a differentiated reading technology.

Switched the old method into new one. OMRSCANNER's simple and automatic process.

The global leader of OMR software company, OMRSCANNER, is providing best services based on differentiated OMR technology. We provide data collection and anaylysis services with image scanning method which is different from traditional OMR method.
This program gets result using image scanner or MFP to scan answer sheets, survey papers and ballots. Then all the images files are saved on the PC with the precise reading of Optical Marks. For now, we are the one and only OMR software company who are contracted with PPS(Public Procurement Service) for procured goods puchase contract and registered in G2B and S2B for KOEPS(Korea Online E-Procurement System)

◎ Process

  1. 1. Select or request OMR form at the website
  2. 2. Print from your own printer as much as you need
  3. 3. Candidate to answer those OMR papers
  4. 4. Scan the OMR papers
  5. 5. Read the OMR papers using OMRSCANNER software
  6. 6. See the analysis results


- Online Reading Service

  • • Suitable for people who need only few papers to read papers and worry about the large expense.
  • • Those who are considering for purchasing materials for OMR and OMRSCAN software.

- OMR outsourcing

  • • Those who want to do fast OMR reading and collect highly accurate data without expensive machines and professionals.
  • • Those who are first time in Test grading, survey, Ballot and any other collecting data works.
  • • Those who want to process large volume of data in a short time.

◎ Features

- Techonology

Our presicing OMR technology has obtained international patents from 10 countries.
It recognizes regardless of blank marking, duplicate, small marking, color marking and evne more.

- Various types of papers can be used

Both OMR card and normal papers can be used.
Various paper designs can be selected or modified to use at our website.
Customization of paper design is available.

- Diverse analysis reports are provided

Test Grading analysis reports, other class management functions.
Survey analaysis reprotrs, convenient data collection, statistics, and analysis are available.
Ballot analysis reports, approval rating can be seen intuitionally.
Features of saving data in Excel, text, CSV formats.

- Reasonable cost

You don't have to spend money for OMR machine, maintainance fee, professional expenses.
It's working with normal machines like ADF scanner, Fast scanner or MFP.

- Convenient to use

OMR image scanning method will help you easy to store and manage increasing number of original data.
Functions of reading OMR marking, saving images of essay answer sheets seperately.

- Precise and efficient data processing

Without purchasing OMR reader, scanning function of scnner or MFP can process data
More precise data reading and more efficient data processing than traditional OMR reader.

- Free and easy to use

You can read OMR peper online without any specific OMR skills and knowledge.
Various types of marking tools can be used.

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