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Leading technology

The global leader of OMR software technology, OMRSCANNER!
OMRSCANNER aims to provide the industry’s best services based upon a differentiated reading technology.

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Leading technology
Marking Type Question No. OMRSCANNER's
Reading Result
Reading Result
Type 1. Smudge 2 O X
Type 2. Spilling out 3 , 9O X
Type 3. Small marking 8 , 10 OO

◎ OMRSCANNER’s Advanced Recognition of Markings

  • • Can see a high resolution answer sheet image in a program viewer
  • • Users can freely set range of error such as small sized, smudged marking and double reading error due to substance
  • • Freely set the way to process various errors
  • • Can handle different types of errors
  • • Automatically and conveniently recognize answer sheets in the range of error set by users
  • • Accurate reading results even with any type of markings

◎ Others' Wrong Data

  • • Original answer sheet is shown in a low resolution in a program viewer
  • • Cannot set the way to process various kinds of errors
  • • Cannot handle many marking types
  • • Wrong reading results
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